Peignot Zebra

A Zebra that is born with a typography.

When I was at SVA, I created a zebra made out of Peignot typeface for junior year typography class. Firstly I picked several typefaces to experiment. I was trying to find one that has interesting aspects when it comes to be presented in real life. Among my research, 'Peignot' got my attention. It has rounded corners with very unique shape and edge. For this installation art, I showed the typeface to 100 random people on the street and asked them what animals you could imagine out of this typeface. More than 60% people replied an zebra. So I decided to create zebra statue with the typeface.


2000+ ice cream bars.
80+ papers(13x19).
18 masking tapes.
1.5+ kgs of glue.
$200+ inks.

3 months to build.



The zebra was rocking in NYC!

I traveled with this guy New York City's hot spots including Time's Square and Madison Square Park. People loved him.