Yelp of politics that supports great ideas of democracy in Korea. 

ROLE: Founder and creative director

Dealing with complex datas
Design for massive audience
Design an interesting product with a boring subject


Background of the project

Entire nation of Korea got jeopardized by political scandals of 18th president of Korea, Geun-Hye Park in 2016. The presidnet and many people who were at the administration of her seriously corrupted. She was noy only privatized national property but also carried out many illegal activities. Citizens od Korea protested to force her to step down from the position that in charge of Korean people’s destiny. The citizens ended up impeach her and was able to remove her from the presidential role by the constitutional right in March 2017.  

Korean people want to make sure, we keep this momentum sustainably to make better society. Sang Lee organized a special force that shares same dream with him. The team of people from 3 different locations (NY, Seattle, Seoul) created together a digital tool could contribute to democracy in Korea.




The Logo 

The PanKing's logo is originated from bars from Tae-Guk-Gi(Korean national flag). In the flag bars represent Sky, Fire, Earth, Water that are surrounding us. With those elements I created a shape of # and it could also mean a well or setting a good posture in Chinese character. So the logo means that words are spreading to people digitally to contribute democracy in Korea. 


You can download panking app here :)