Deloitte Digital is one of the main sponsors of the most popular and famous
tech / music / music festival, the SXSW.

Every year Deloitte Digital is having a booth to promote latest technology and design capabilities of the company. For the installation of cool digital art works, many different teams from Deloitte Digital studios around the world submit their ideas.

I was leading a team of New York office for the pursuit.


Delivery through the most used tool in the country. Your phone.


With different technology, we are able to create graffiti in an augmented reality using just your phone.


For users who want to share their masterpieces, we will allow them to do so through our own customized Deloitte Digital Google Cardboard. 


With the Google Cardboard on, users will be able to have the option to see their work or see all the art that is being created in the Deloitte Digital booth.


This allows us to invite local artists to display their masterpieces using our tools to motivate people to use our application. 


The key to a truly immersive experience allows users to interact with eachother at the same time with no limits.


Once users leave the booth, they can display on social media their masterpieces.


After the NY team go through internal DD competition for this, we won the first prize and was going to be building our platform. However, typical big corporate situation happens again which means one of super senior partner wants to do generic but more safe installation. So unfortunately, it never got built.